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vastu house

This new dwelling in the western suburbs of Brisbane was designed to accommodate a young couple and their growing family.

The heart of the house located on the ground floor included a formal living room, dining room, kitchen, and an outdoor terrace, along with associated ancillary spaces such as the laundry, pantry, and storage spaces. Additionally on the ground floor, a more secluded and private area was zoned to house a guest bedroom as well as a prayer room designed in accordance to Vastu principles.

A seamless transition and connection between the internal living and entertainment spaces and the outdoors was meticulously planned to align with the lifestyle of the clients. Edges surrounding the dwelling on the ground level were kept permeable and operational to blur the lines between interior and exterior as desired whilst allowing control over natural ventilation and level of privacy through the use of screens, and foldable doors.

Private spaces such as the bedrooms and a family room is located on the upper level – each with a view out towards either the front or back garden.

key information

new build home



build time

in progress

anticipated 15 months

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