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corner house

Located on a prominent corner in a character suburb in Brisbane with pleasant suburban views to the north, this addition to a workers cottage is designed to draw the expansive sky vista and natural light into the heart of the house, whilst maintaining a level of privacy to the street. 
The addition to the cottage is deliberately contemporary, clearly identifiable and located entirely at the rear of the cottage. The cottage has been carefully restored but not raised nor altered in any way, in order to retain its character relative to its neighbours.
As the existing house already benefited from good spatial planning, we were tasked with merely extending it to support the growing needs of the residents. Facing north, the living and dining spaces were shifted to the rear of the site allowing for the addition of one extra bedroom and a new ensuite. The location of the kitchen remained; however was significantly upgraded to integrate with the two living areas as well as the outdoor terrace. 


key information

renovation and extension



build time


6 months

project collaborators

building surveying professionals


roger d'souza



bespoke constructions

ad structure

structural engineer

corner house_elevation A.jpg

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