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colour ply house

Discretely located behind a beautifully restored cottage in Brisbane’s inner north, Colour Ply House appears as a pop of colour on the ridge from the rear. With its pink ceilings, colourful kitchen and homage to the past palette of the 1970s, the house acts as a vessel for an eclectic mix of modern and antique, neutral and bold, fun and serious. Complementary to the use of colour are raw materials such as polished concrete, plywood and raw timber.

The outlook from the house is sublime. Distant suburban vistas over cottages and trees. The pink of the ceiling was selected from a hue at sunrise. Upon arrival through the traditional entry, the house peels open to this view, which is enjoyed from most of the open plan.


key information

renovation and extension



build time


6 months

project collaborators

building certification consultants

kate mathieson photography

james anthony constructions

northside engineering




structural engineer

colour ply house.jpg

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