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westside state school

A new multipurpose hall designed to facilitate basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball is nestled gently in southern end of a west side state school.


The materiality of the hall takes cues from the red brick and tin heritage building on the campus, with translucent sheeting used to illuminate the internal space. Surrounding the playing court is a kiosk, amenities and change facilities, storage and outside school hours care facilities.

At the crest of the space is a stage, adjacent to a foyer, followed by a covered entryway. This narrow entryway funnels students into the bright, open space, leading them to follow the circulation directed by the design.

The hall is located between the school oval and swimming pool, responding to the greenery of the site and connecting to outdoor activity areas. Open breezeways and large windows allow views of established trees to be experienced from inside the hall, demonstrating the green space is highly valued on this campus.

key information

new school building


due 2025


department of education


project collaborators

ashburner francis


h design

hydraulic engineer

project manager


vt consulting engineers


jeremy ferrier

landscape architect

palmer acoustics

acoustic engineer



bartley burns


ko&co architecture


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