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i house

Located on a sloped site in the leafy, northern suburbs of Brisbane, this previously modified Queenslander required a face-lift to sustain a growing family.

The existing house was neat and tidy, with modifications made to the undercroft space of a traditional Queenslander, yet lacked connection to the rear garden due to the nature of the site and its steep topography; something the clients were keen to rectify in this iteration. On top of the connection to the outdoors, they were keen to address issues of connection between all levels of the house and prioritise rooms and spaces that are most used. For this reason, the open plan living, dining, and kitchen are situated on street entry level with a view out to the garden over the outdoor deck. Bedrooms and a private rumpus room connecting to the pool are on the level below.

As much of the original Queenslander was retained as possible and materials for the new extension were selected to complement the existing. Formally, the extension lifts to the north to receive as much northern light and summer breezes as possible with the help of high level louvres. Opportunity to open up the house for cross ventilation is also possible due the expansive sliding doors and windows allowing comfort and livability in our sub-tropical climate.


project collaborators

james anthony constructions
bartley burns
milanovic neale
kate mathieson photography

key information

renovation and extension
build time
8 months

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