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courtyard house

Originally a grand Queenslander, Courtyard House suffered several unsympathetic modifications prior to our involvement. Presented to our team as a block of units, our challenge was to uncover and restore the house to its former identity whilst catering for an expanding young family. Situated on a dual access lot, the site presented several complications, including its steep topography. Some levelling and manipulation of the site was required to achieve a cohesive integration between the house and landscape which resulted in a double storey house to the front of the site and a single storey extension to the rear.

Linked by a corridor, the extension presents as a single-storey pavilion situated within a landscaped garden. The design of the pavilion maximises its connection to the outdoors with large sliding doors and high-level clerestory windows.

While materials characteristic of the traditional Queenslander were employed to restore the existing house, the extension adopted a more modern palette; creating a clear distinction between old and new.


project collaborators

james anthony constructions
bartley burns
milanovic neale
kate mathieson photography

key information

renovation and extension
build time
8 months

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